How to Decorate Your Home this Fall

The fall season is finally here! This time of year is quite a favorite among those of us who love decorating our spaces to match the season, and the colors and accessories of autumn provide endless inspiration. So to get us all ready for the fall, we’re bringing you creative and "Artsie" ideas that’ll have your home ready for the changing leaves and trick-or-treaters.


Be Color-fall

Warm fireside hues” define the color scheme of fall. But for a fresh, new way to mix it up this season, consider mixing those burnt oranges and deep reds with a bit of off-white and green tones! Pick up a few white mini-pumpkins at your local pumpkin patch and display them alongside your succulents. Southern Living features an excellent centerpiece idea: they’ve taken a large bowl and planted succulents, herbs, and lettuce in some soil, and placed vegetables and mini pumpkins throughout the greenery. It’s different, it’s easy, and it’s fall-friendly!

“Autumn flowers” doesn’t always mean red, orange and yellow; this year, fill your bouquets with whites and purples, like lily or butterfly flowers, and display them alongside silver or glass pumpkins and candelabra. You’ll have yourself an elegant, yet seasonal, look.


The Last-Minute Hack

For those of us that don’t have the time or patience to try too hard when it comes to decorating our homes to match the season, all you really need is a change in pillows and blankets. Grab some themed throw pillows and cozy, fall-colored blankets for your living room, and call it a day!

Another simple, minimal-effort idea is to fill up some jars or a large vase with pine cones for a cute tabletop display or mantelpiece decor. If you’re feeling crafty, you could take it a step further by decorating the outside of the vase/jar with gold or silver ribbon. It doesn’t take much, and you’ve still fulfilled your need to decorate!


A Festive Front Door

Don’t feel like carving a jack-o-lantern this year? Settle for some spray paint and give your pumpkins some bold stripes! A black and gold-striped pumpkin is sure to stand out on your doorstep this season.

If you’re planning on incorporating large fall flower pots in your front door display, consider setting them atop tree stumps of various sizes, alongside mix-matched pumpkins and gourds. By combining three different outdoor elements, you’ve created a unique and visually appealing front door display.

Of course, a front door display wouldn’t be complete without a wreath. Wheat wreaths, or wreaths made of dried leaves and/or flowers give your house that cozy autumn feel before you even step foot inside. Not in the mood for a DIY wreath project? Opt for a simpler seasonal craft: hot glue pine cones to the ends of seasonal colored ribbons, and tie the ribbons together for a hanging door display! It’s cute, easy, and doesn’t cost as much as a wreath.

Here at Artsie, we love decorating for the fall season. The possibilities are endless when it comes to fall decor; and if these decorating tricks didn’t appeal to you, maybe they’ll at least leave you brainstorming your own ideas for creative pumpkin displays and floral arrangements. If you’re new to the idea of dressing your home up for fall, we hope we’ve left you inspired to give it a try; you just might love it as much as we do.


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