How to Hang Wall Art

Are you faced with the dilemma of having stylish, personalized art to hang in your home but have no idea how or where to hang it? Don’t worry; Artsie is here to help. We’ve collected expert advice from across the web and gathered it all here for your convenience. You’ll be hanging your artwork up in no time.


Gathering Inventory

First thing’s first: take a look at all the art you plan on hanging, and decide where it’s going to go. If you have a collection, look for a nice space of wall that will comfortably incorporate all of them. Also take into consideration the frame of each piece; frames can easily be switched out, so if something doesn’t seem to fit with your other pieces of art, maybe all it needs is a change in frame.


Measure, Measure, Measure!

Measure the space of where the art is going to go; you want the art to be eye level. Wayfair has a simple formula for how to figure this out: 

“Hang the art so the center is 60 inches off of the ground—about the average person's line of sight.

To find out where to hang on the wall, use this easy formula:

  1. Divide the frame height in half.
  2. Subtract the measurement from Step 1.
  3. Add 60 to find the final hanging height from the floor.”

When deciding where to place the nail, measure from the top of the art to the point at which the nail will sit. You’ll want to make up the difference for how tall the piece is versus where the hanging wire lies.

There are also easy instructions for how to measure art placement above a piece of furniture or mantel. When it comes to a couch or sofa, keep the art around six to eight inches above the top of your furniture.


Source: Style By Emily Henderson


Source: Wayfair


Making it Work

A collection of art should be treated as one piece. A good rule of thumb when hanging a collection together is for each piece to hang about 2 inches apart from each other. Art experts at ILevel suggest that “The fun is in the irregularity, not in perfect measurements.” That being said, a collection should cohesively work together, but it can still be playful in its display. 

Engage the wall; make it part of the space. This essentially means that you don’t want to use small art pieces when you have a large amount of wall space to fill. If there’s a main wall with lots of available space, don’t place art in one corner, leaving the majority of your wall barren.


The Final Touch 

After hanging, always check that your art is hanging up straight by using a level and adjusting as needed. We’d hate for you to go through all the trouble of hanging artwork just right, only for it to be on crooked display!

This sound advice will leave you with the art-hanging knowledge of the pros, so don’t be afraid to grab a hammer and nail, and go for it! Oh, and just in case you realize you’re missing a few essential art pieces for your collection, check out what we have to offer!


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