Why You NEED Art in Your Office!

Does anyone want to spend their days working long hours in a drab and mundane office space? Just the thought of it puts the Artsie team in a sour mood. Not only is an artless space boring and uninspiring, it also sends out a negative perception to all who enter. A company that decorates their offices with pieces of art boosts productivity among their employees and sends a message of comfort, care, and value to both visitors and staff.


Ain’t No Impression Like a First Impression

No one ever hears about second impressions or third impressions, because first impressions are the only ones that matter. When potential customers or future employees walk into a place of business, what they see is their first impression; and if their view is lacking in art, personality, or any sense of style, that visitor is left thinking, “This place doesn’t value me or themselves.” An environment boasting unique, well-chosen pieces of art shows personality, confidence, and class. When a company takes the time to place care and value into its day-to-day look, customers and employees will take notice. And for future business, that first impression will stick out in people’s minds well past their initial visit.


A Touch of Inspiration

A staff that’s surrounded by creative and innovative artwork will undoubtedly be inspired to mimic that same creativeness and innovation. Employees, whether they realize it or not, see an office space filled with original and inventive art pieces and perceive that to mean that their employer values those traits.In this way, art works as a motivator, encouraging staff to act as creative and inventive as the art that surrounds them. This motivation, in turn, ends up boosting the overall productivity of the office and in the long run, leads to profit increase. Simply put, art is your office morale booster, and no matter how much revenue it brings in, you won’t have to give it a raise!


A Happy Staff is a Healthy Staff

Any employer should provide an environment that makes their staff feel like they want to be at work every day; going into work because they have to just causes stress and negative attitudes to circulate. One of the ways to achieve this is by featuring art throughout the office! Just the presence of it can lower employee stress levels and create a positive atmosphere. It also shows a staff that their employer values them, because they’re creating a space that says, “I want you to enjoy coming into work.” Artwork even has the potential to spark up conversations between employees, which could lead to workplace friendships and camaraderie.


Creating a stylish, artistic work environment for employees and clientele seems like it would be a no-brainer; inspiration is lacking in blank walls and motivational posters, but can easily be found in any of Artsie’s featured pieces. Employers and employees alike deserve a quick escape from the building they spend their days in, and all it takes is a little bit of art.


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