Six Winter Art Projects for Kids

With the winter season approaching, we have long school vacations and potential snow day activities to prepare for. At-home art projects with your kids are a great way to pass the time, and make lasting memories out of it. Take a look at a few of these art project ideas we found around the internet. They’re creative, easy to manage, and your kids will have a blast.


Source: The Artful Parent


Glue-resist Snowman Paintings

The Artful Parent blog shares a great at-home winter art project using salt, glue, water, and watercolor paint (beads, glitter and buttons also optional)! She simply had the kids draw their design on cardboard/cardstock using the glue, and decorated their snowmen, snowflakes, or christmas trees with any glitter or sequins necessary. After drying, the picture was then painted using watercolors. To give each scene a snowy and wintery appearance, they sprinkled salt on while the paint was still wet.


Source: The Artful Parent


Sticker-resist Night Sky Cards 

These “Starry Night” Holiday cards turn out gorgeous and your kids will have a blast creating their own night sky. After placing star stickers onto watercolor paper, blue and turquoise watercolor paint was brushed on. Then, salt is sprinkled onto the wet paint to create the “starry night” effect. When dry, you can either leave the star stickers on, or remove them. The painting gets glued onto the front of a card, at which point the kids can feel free to write notes and sign the cards.



Source: No Time for Flash Cards


Snow Slime

“Snow Slime,” from the blog “No Time for Flash Cards,” shows how to make winter-themed slime packaged as a gift for kids in a mason jar. By adding glitter and snowflake confetti to a  combined mixture of Elmer’s glue, salt and some liquid starch, you’ve made yourself some holiday slime! This blogger also decorated the tops of her mason jars with some washi tape, filled the jars with the slime, and the project was complete. Visually, the jars of slime look festive, and for kids (or the adults too), the slime can be fun to play with.


Source: Arty Crafty Kids


Oil-Resist Snowflakes

As an alternative to the glue-resist watercolor craft, this DIY project uses oil pastels to create snowflakes upon a colorful background. It’s the same concept as the glue-resist project, minus having to wait for glue to dry. This blogger gets a bit more specific with how to make your snowflake, but when it comes time for the kids to start drawing, let’s be real: anything goes!



Source: The Artful Parent


Tape & Glitter Christmas Trees

Talk about easy: this DIY Christmas card idea requires minimal effort and is fun enough to keep you and your kids making more and more, all day long. All you’ll need are blank cards, double-sided tape, glitter, and markers. Have your kids place the tape down to make a Christmas tree, and only remove the protective layer of each piece of tape when they’re ready for that piece to be covered in a certain color of glitter. And that’s pretty much it! They can add decorations to the card with markers if they want, but once they’ve glitter-ed their tape they’ve completed this quick and easy project.



Source: Inner Child Fun


Puffy Snow Paintings

Puffy Snow Paintings will turn your child’s winter art into a 3D experience. Found on the blog “Inner Child Fun,” this easy and quick-drying art project doesn’t take much equipment. You’ll need card stock, food coloring, salt, self-rising flour, water, and a microwave. The “paint” is made by mixing salt, flour, and water. Food coloring is optional; if you just want white snowflakes, obviously you won’t need any! After the snowflakes have been painted, pop each design into the microwave for 30 seconds. They’ll be dry and ready for display.


From all of us at Artsie, we hope you have a great time creating fun and unique art with your kids this winter season!


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